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"An impressively crafted and expressive romp of imaginative endeavour and honest beauty"



It all began at the end of 2010, with a few folky acoustic numbers born out of a love for British 60’s culture that crawled out from under a previous hard rock musical venture 'The Bromptons.' Wesley Manning and Jon Martin set about the initial design of what would become 'Presley Johnson.'

Without knowing the full extent and impact of what they were about to embark upon they tracked the very first self-titled debut album in a village hall somewhere in Northamptonshire. Taking turns to bash out vintage style Ginger Baker vibe rhythms on a primitive make shift set of drums and laying down McCartney-esq inspired basslines, overdubbing all manner of instrumentation and going to town on the backing vocals. The process was carefree and without the formality of a recording studio, but was all the more rewarding for that.

The album was initially released on Stalkers Recordings at the beginning of 2011.

But this was a project that was too good to loose, and it just had to be performed live. So this was where Alex George & Andrew Miller came in.

Although Presley Johnson was the initial brainchild of Wesley and Jon it thereon in became so much more than a duo project, it was a democratic band with everyone chipping in. The band took the album recordings and went on to mould an incredible diverse take on live Rock & Roll, with that backbone of Alex’s vintage drums, undercut by Andrew’s thumping bass drive setting the foundations for a tight rhythmic flow of guitars and keyboards and without question that glorious wall of backing vocals that was so complemented by the voice of Alex George. Suddenly Presley Johnson were a band, and gig fit at that. The band went on to tour this album up and down Britain along with several shows in Europe.

Presley Johnson’s second album ‘Images Of Youth’ was the first album to feature all four members, and really reflected that incredible sound that they had been producing on the live scene. The album was released on Stalkers Records in 2013 and was met with great critical acclaim. With countless more shows performed in Britain and Europe the band had hit an all-time high. But all good things must come to an…….hiatus.

A 3 year hiatus proceeded whilst the band either got married, had children or just generally grew up. But in this meantime the rumblings and workings of a third album never died, the light dimed a few times but never went out. The album titled ‘Lost In Palpitations’ is set for release on 23rd June 2017.

Long may its influence give a never dying life to Presley Johnson’s ever successful future.



Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


Lead Guitar, Keys & Vocals


Drums & Vocals


Bass Guitarist

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